NASA EagleWorks futuristic EM Drive vehicles can reach moon’s surface within 4 hours

NASA is constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to changing people’s perceptions of space and space travel. That’s why it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone if NASA announced today that they found an improved method of space travel that would make it safer, faster, and more human-friendly. The benefits would be resounding, and virtually all of humanity would benefit from such a technology. That’s where EM Drive comes into the equation.

This modified method of space travel would put older, and traditional methods of technology in the rearview mirror, and give entities like NASA the ability to truly experience space travel, as it should be at this stage.

EM Drive is what many scientists and researchers believe is at the absolute fringe of possibility, in terms of making it work. However, the teams involved have proven with ease that it’s entirely possible. The notion of bringing technology like this, that doesn’t use traditional propulsion methods, is entirely possible and something that will actually help change the way space aviation is not only executed but how its built and designed.


The first thing that should be noted is that EM Drive doesn’t coincide with traditional methods of propulsion. Specifically, it doesn’t align with Newton’s law, which is somewhat surprising given the fact that it’s the fundamental building block of basic travel. Essentially, that is to say that if you use energy to push in one direction, you’ll move the other direction. However, this method of propulsion bounces molecules around a chamber that ultimately end in the same result. Tests have been conducted on this method, and it has been proven effective.

To give people an idea of just how much faster this would make space travel, they have to look no further than the moon. Specifically, it would take roughly 4 hours of travel time to actually arrive at the moon when coming from Earth. The travel time that this type of method would reduce is simply something that cannot be spoken highly enough of. It will reduce the length of travel, cost, and even the human cost for those who decide to travel like this.

Organizations like NASA need to focus on these types of methods of travel, simply given the fact that NASA is facing increasing funding issues. Correcting these issues with more efficient methods of travel will prove not only to be cost-effective, but also “effective,” from top-to-bottom. This is something that will definitely see more energy and more fight from the science and space aviation community, as they pursue more effective ways to learn about outer space.


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  • what the hell are you talking about? do you imagine they would let that genie out of the bottle and kill the petro-dollar cycle? lame. go back to work on your novel.

    • They are talking about a means of moving spaceships, not an energy source.

      The notion that there is some sort of conspiracy keeping oil as our primary energy source on earth is flat-out insane… It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just that nothing else (beyond nuclear and hydroelectric) work, and the same morons who want to ditch oil hate those 2 alternatives too….

      • There is a “conspiracy” concerning fossil fuels because there is no profit margin in renewable energy sources like solar, fusion, hydro etc.
        The status quo like the Koch Bros wouldn’t spend 350 million a year to sustain their political agenda if they wanted us to exploit alternate technologies.

        • Right, because the Koch brothers would be totally uninterested in finding a way to stop paying for oil extraction. No overhead at all? That sounds terrible!

        • There is no profit margin in solar & wind because they do not actually work as well as other sources… This is why massive government subsidies are required to get people to use them.

          Everything else is tremendously profitable, but also hated by the green luddites who want to drag us back to 1899 technologically in the name of their precious earth-goddess…

          Sorry, no conspiracy there… Just a bunch of fanatics trying to foist junk technology & a massively lowered standard of living on the rest of us…

          Screw them & their primitive neo-pagan religion…

    • Space travel right now doesn’t use fossil based fuels and the new drive only works in a vacuum.

      • actually, it doesn’t work at all. The engineers involved are all free energy cooks and this isn’t even a Nasa project.

        • No, it works. Nasa, the chinese, and several independent scientists have all tested it. Nasa even tested it in a vacuum. It doesn’t violate newtons law, it actually spits out energy to move forward instead of mass, in the form of “virtual particals”. In other words, it moves by distorting space… That is why everyone is so excited about it.

          • There is no reason why this technology would not work. This is not a violation of the known laws of physics and electromagnetism is one of the 4 forces of nature that we have exploited for the past 250 years.
            The estimates of velocity are dramatically overstated and I’m sure you realize this article is quoting a speed of 60,000 miles per hour.
            You are not getting very far in this vast solar system much less this galaxy or universe at a snails pace!

          • Yes, it does violate the laws of physics. The device is basically a reflection chamber with strange geometry. According to the authors the radiation never leaves the chamber. Energy supposedly bounces off one side of the chamber “harder” than it does the other side. So the device moves in the direction its pointed as a result. This would be equivalent to you moving a spaceship by throwing a baseball against the inside wall. If such a thing were possible it means the universe has an Aether, which was proven impossible over 100 years ago.

          • Moron! We have no evidence of any violation of the laws of physics in any locations in space and for all of time. This is not a violation of the laws of physics and we have never seen evidence of a violation in the history of the universe.
            If you don’t know anything about physics, don’t make comments that prove your ignorance.

          • You’ve no idea what you’re talking about. Stop making a fool of yourself. You’re not even making complete sentences. It says that it defies the laws of physics in the FIRST paragraph of the original article on NasaSpaceflight. You can’t have propulsion without propellent. You either need to be throwing mater or energy out the back of the device. According to the authors this device does neither. Basic physics says that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Where is the reaction in this device? If it works as they say it does, the laws of physics have to be re-written and all of our science is out the window.

          • You have proven that you know absolutely nothing about sentence construction, linguistics, punctuation and your remarks show you have no understanding of physics.
            A violation of a fundamental law of physics has never been detected and proof of a breach would be world news.
            The laws of physics that underpin our understanding of the universe allow us to describe the universe as we know it. Any breach of these tenets would cause a cascade effect changing our understanding of our reality.
            This has not happened and it never will!
            Read up on physics 101 so that you come to understand that just like there is no “god”, there are no violations of the fundamental laws of nature!

          • You are a fucking moron. Get your facts straight! I stated that Em drive is not a violation of the laws of physics and therefore can’t be excluded from being valid.
            You fucking poseurs tried to suggest that this was somehow some kind of violation of the laws of physics when in fact classical physics like the laws of motion are not relevant with quantum mechanical phenomena.
            I have stated that this Em drive just like the Alcubrierre warp drive is fantasy and propaganda. Unlike the warp drive theory, we know how to manipulate electromagnetism whereas we have yet to detect nor exploit “negative energy.
            If you knew anything about physics you would be able to discern these subtleties, but since you are a fucking moron, you fail to comprehend!

          • NASA disagrees with you. You’re nothing more than an angry crackpot.

          • PS: A “crackpot” would be the delusional idiot like yourself who subscribes to notions that are not supported by science and the laws of physics.
            You have yet to refute a single statement of fact that I have posted on this thread. How could you anyway, you lack a basic understanding of physics!

          • Of course idiots like you “believed” that neutrinos exceeded the speed of light in the infamous Opera experiment a few years ago.
            The difference between my level of comprehension and yours is the fact that I knew that particles of mass are prohibited from traveling through space at super luminal speeds and since neutrinos are predicted to be slightly massive, the experiment was flawed. Of course, an error in calibration proved that I was correct just like I am on target with this nonsense.
            You have no understanding of the fundamental laws of nature and thus are a pawn in the propaganda game.
            This experiment has not broken the laws of physics and we have no evidence of any breach in the history of mankind.
            When we see a major news story conveyed around the world that our view of our fundamental laws has changed, as an empiricist I will change my view.

          • WTF are you talking about? You’re the one supporting the impossible EM drive. After even Nasa, the agency you’re claiming tested this, says they didn’t. Go back to your roswell convention.

          • Since you know nothing about physics you have no clue about what I have stated.

            What I said was “Emdrive is not a violation of the laws of physics{” Quantum mechanics allows for electrons and photons to travel all paths, be in different locations at the same time, change to different quantum states and assume both particle and wave forms.

            Electromagnetism is the movement of electrons and photons and these particles convey energy.

            You clowns have mistaken the notions of classical physics like the laws of motion with the quantum mechanics of electromagnetism. Classical physics has no relevance to quantum mechanical phenomena

            The Em drive is not prohibited by the law of physics, does not require the use of exotic matter and can’t be excluded from viability.

          • A moron like you does not understand the distinction between “classical” laws of physics and “quantum mechanical” laws.
            In the quantum realm all of your classical notions of motion, cause and effect and time are irrelevant. If you knew anything about the motion of particles and waves within the quantum realm then you would realize this. Since particles can take on all paths in travel, can be in multiple places at one time, and are not prohibited from reversing the arrow of time, no violations of quantum laws were exhibited in this experiment.
            Electromagnetism is the movement of electrons and photons. These quantum particles exhibit both particle and wave behaviors and are subject to quantum physical laws, not your ignorant notion of “classical” laws of physics.
            Like I said, this experiment does not violate what we know about the laws that describe the universe.

          • 3 teams, NONE doing work for Nasa at the time, did 3 completely different tests and got 3 completely different results. All 3 teams are well known for making previously debunked “free-energy” claims, this is not their first rodeo. One guy, on one of the teams, Sonny White does work for NASA as an engineer during his day job, but the experiment was not part of a NASA project and he was doing it independently. Sonny White has made numerous claims in the past about this same sort of thing and all have later turned out to be false. NASA does now have the experiment in their hands, but haven’t completed testing yet. The test results that have been gathered are only a tiny fraction outside of expected equipment error, even if they are accurate. And yes, it completely violates the laws of physics. COMPLETELY. If it does work, not only does modern physics have to be re-written but so does Newtonian physics. They might have well have claimed to have found ghosts or Sasquatches. Actually, I take that back, Sasquatches are more plausible than this claim.

      • every engine of space travel is constructed using fossil fuels and as such is a fossil-fueled engine.

        • So by your reasoning a nuclear plant is fossil fueled because the cement trucks that poured the concrete burned fossil fuels? Get a new brain with some common sense troll and an alarm clock so you can climb out from under your rock in a timely manner. Seriously, trolling comments 3 months after they’re posted?

  • If true, this means we can travel at 1/240 the speed of light. We’d get to Alpha Centauri in 1000 years.

    • Estimates for the EM drive are closer to 135 years to Alpha Centauri, actually.

      • Try a trip in 90,000 years based upon the speeds they are talking about!

        • You have no technology that would allow for speeds a tenth of the speed of light . At that speed you have no materials nor shields to withstand the ionized cosmic radiation.
          At those speeds a one kilogram space rock conveys the kinetic energy of a 10 kiloton thermonuclear bomb.
          This EM drive is a big a farce same as the Nasa notions of Alcubrierre’s warp drive. We have no detection of negative energy, it is allowed by physics to exist for trillionths of a second and we have no mechanism to harness it!
          Dream On!

          • The DS4G ion engine already exists and could do it easily. Power source is the only questionable factor. Strap one onto a nuclear reactor, put it inside an iron asteroid… viola. It would cost a fortune though.

          • Conveniently omitted any type of response to the reality of space debris and ionized cosmic radiation.
            Proving of course that you know nothing about science.

          • Only a fucking idiot and a gullible poseur would suggest that the laws of physics have been violated.
            You can’t compete on positions of fact , don’t understand physics and I have clowned you for all of the world to see.
            Good luck with your notions of ion drives and work hard on your electromagnetic shields for your Starship Enterprise.

    • Light travels at 186,000 miles per second and this technology looks like 60,000 miles per second (237,000 / 4 hours = 59,250 miles per hour)
      How is that 240th the speed of light? Where can you even get within this solar system at such pedestrian speeds?

  • 237,000 miles traveled in 4 hours is 59,250 miles per hour. The nearest star is 4.21 light years away. At those speeds it would only take 90,000 years to there.
    This is in no way a violation of the laws of physics and even traveling at the speed of light would not allow us to venture very far into our own galaxy much less other galaxies.

  • I’m trying to determine why NASA is sending out this propaganda on EM drives that are not very fast and Alcubriere Warp Drives that they claim are possible yet require “NEGATIVE ENERGY” a substance that we have yet to observe and a substance that the laws of physics don’t allow to exist but for picoseconds of time.
    Those of us who understand the underlying physics are laughing out loud that many of you subscribe to such nonsensical notions.
    I know that NASA needs some positive exposure but this is not the way to achieve it.

  • That’s not a legitimate NASA website, just a forum. These EM drive garbage articles comes from that one forum and questionable Chinese paper and its sad that its spreading like legitimate news when its more of intellectual herpes

    • Yah, that about summurizes the arguments against it. 100 percent emotional, 0 percent actual testing. This isn’t a crackpot theory, it is a working device, vacuume tested, and duplicated by multiple people and labs.
      Only way to disprove something like that is to build one yourself, and test it with proper instruments.

  • That makes no sense at all. There is no such thing as a ‘virtual plasma’ where one can ‘push’ against, as the Eagleworks claims, and virtual particles have no net-energy; they are in the lowest energy state possible, so you can’t derive any energy from that neither.

    This is what some people fail to realise. ‘Explaining’ it in such a manner, isn’t better than explaining it with saying ‘it’s magic’: you have not explained anything at all, then, and hence the violation of conservation of momentum is still there.