New TiVo Bolt DVR Box allows to skip commercial TV break ads at $300

If you have always wanted to skip commercial TV breaks without any issues, the new TiVo Bolt DVR is now giving you the opportunity to do it with only the press of a remote button. This is a new digital video recorder (DVR) that gives you the ability to skip an entire TV ad; and its much effective than the 30-second forward feature which was installed in earlier versions of the TiVO DVR.

This latest TiVo DVR tags the beginning and end of TV ads so that consumers can always skip this part when watching personal recordings. This new feature works only on about 20 cable channels as well as over-the-air channels, including those ones on major broadcast networks when they are shown during prime-time periods.

Dish, a satellite TV provider featured a similar characteristic with its Hopper DVR, even though this attracted a lot of lawsuits from some TV channels. But Dish has been able to resolve this issue by allowing the TV channels to be included in its lineup, and this broader agreement has worked with many complaining channels.

But TiVo is not allowing itself to have these legal problems. It devised a way for consumers to make the choice of either watching a TV commercial or skipping it with the press of a button.

“We’re not changing the underlying content,” said TiVo’s Vice President – Jim Denney in an interview. “We’re not auto-eliminating commercials. The user does it. We’re giving users a tool to get through their content more quickly,” he added further.

Based in San Jose, California, TiVo Bolt DVR Box also comes loaded with another feature: a quick-mode that allows recordings to be played back 30% faster – without the audio pitch sounding odd in any way. When this quick-mode for playing recording is combined with ad skipping, then an hour-long show can be finished in about half-hour.

Meanwhile, there are other supporting and exciting features such as an Ultra HD or 4K video resolution support that works when certain channels start to provide that quality. With the TiVO Bolt, a user can search normal TV channels or streaming-video channels; and the 4K capability works for both recording and streaming services when they are available.

The new TiVO Bolt DVR Box comes at $300 with the ability to watch stations for one year without any charges. You then start to pay $15 per month after the one free year expires. The device’s price used to be cheaper before this time, but then users had to pay for monthly subscriptions immediately.


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  • So does this thing REPLACE your cable DVR Box or just adds another hunk of junk to the room?