50% of Earth’s water older than the sun and came from interstellar ice, research says

A recent research published in the journal Science estimates that about 30% – 50% of the water in the solar system like the water on Earth, the discs around Saturn, and the meteorites of other planets was already around even before the birth of the sun.

The research method utilized was through the use of “heavy water” ices which are defined as hydrogen isotope deuterium as well as water ice. It also explored the difference in mass between the isotopes result and its subtle differences in its behavior during chemical reactions.


A simulation was also done in order to come up with this result. A sophisticated modeling was utilized in order to simulate the proto-planetary disc and created a version in which all the deuterium from the interstellar ice had been eliminated in the formation of the sun.

This was necessary in order to see if the system could produce the ration of deuterium to hydrogen that can be traced in Earth and in meteorites and comets from chemical reactions in the solar nebula.

The simulation did not produce the expected result. Before this new research finding emerged, scientists believed that the Earth’s water was derived from the proto-planetary disc (solar nebula) which surrounded the Sun in its early days.


Professor Tim Harries of the University of Exeter’s Physics and Astronomy Department stated that this discovery is an “important step forward” in the quest of finding life on other planets. In his statement, he further explained the research finding stating that “Water is vital for the evolution of life on Earth, but it was possible that the Earth’s water originated in the specific conditions of the early solar system, and that those circumstances might occur infrequently elsewhere.

By identifying the ancient heritage of Earth’s water, we can see that the way in which our solar system was formed will not be unique and that exoplanets will form in environments with abundant water. Consequently, it raises the possibility that some exoplanets could house the right conditions, and water resources, for life, to evolve.”


Ted Bergin, a professor of Astronomy in Michigan further implied that this would also mean that star system can also access water remarking that “based on our simulations and our growing astronomical understanding, the formation of water from hydrogen and oxygen atoms is a ubiquitous component of the early stages of stellar birth. It is this water, which we know from astronomical observations forms at only ten degrees above absolute zero before the birth of the star, which is provided to nascent stellar systems everywhere.”


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  • Genesis 1:2b and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

    Geneis 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.

    Lucky guess by Moses, I suppose.

    • The study and the article indicate that the water predated the Earth as well as the Sun, and that it originated in interstellar space before our Solar System formed.

    • My thoughts went immediately to Genesis where it clearly states that the waters predated the creation of the sun and moon. Praise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Self-existant Eternal Yehweh, El Shaddai, The Creator and Sustainer of all life through His Only Begotten Son, Jesus, the Christ, Yeshua Hamashiah, world without end, Amen.

  • The study and article indicate the water predated both the Earth and the Sun, and originated in interstellar space.

  • That was a ridiculous comment in response to this article. Take your evangelism elsewhere.

  • Thanks cliff, my thoughts exactly. People try to use science to disprove gods existance. Once I came to christ and began seeking to understand the word, the more apparent it became to me that the proof of god is all around us. The universe and everything in it is evidence of god. The book of psalms even expresses this, the heavens proclaim the glory of god.

  • That water is older than the sun has been inferred scientifically (and therefore can be proved), however the claim that it came from interstellar ice is conjecture (at best, a guess). This definitely lends credence to Cliff G’s comment.

  • Well, it seems a healthy dialogue about water predating the sun, as clearly stated in Genesis, has caused a couple of folks to feel some constriction in their knickers. No name ‘J’ is concerned about the presence of evangelism in Cliff’s comment. You may want to look up the definition of evangelism. That is always a good place to start.
    Recently, other scientists have postulated the water is a necessary element not as an a vehicle for the evolutionary cycle, but to serve as a sink for the sun’s energy. Without water the sun would warm a planet beyond the endurance of living life as we know it during daylight and the store of energy in water prevents the entire planet from going extraordinarily cold during darkness.
    These two facts seem to give quiet strength to the first 19 verses of Genesis 1.
    It is encouraging that folks are devoting their lives seeking these answers and Gamblian also nailed it. Thank You