Pokémon GO Enthusiast Nabs A Rarity: Shnundo Gastly Outshines Shundos

In an unforeseen turn of events, a Pokémon GO player has snagged a Pokémon so rare that it’s elevating the rarity charts. The player discovered and caught a unique Shiny Gastly, which later revealed itself to be more scarce than a Shundo due to its exceptional Individual Values (IV) distribution​. This newly coined ‘Shnundo,’ a term for Shiny Pokémon with zero IVs, is making waves across the Pokémon GO community.

Key Highlights:

  • Player catches a unique Shiny Gastly with zero IVs, terming it a ‘Shnundo.’
  • The Shnundo Gastly discovered is rarer than a Shundo, which is a Shiny Pokémon with perfect IVs.
  • The player shared their rare find on Reddit, evoking a buzz in the Pokémon GO community.
  • The rarity is attributed to the game’s mechanism, which usually boosts IVs, making a zero IV Shiny Pokémon a rare encounter.

Haunter Spotlight Hour

The term Shundo is short for Shiny One Hundred, denoting a Pokémon that is both Shiny and carries perfect IVs. Catching a Shundo is a significant feat, especially if the Shundo is a rare or legendary Pokémon. However, the discovery of a Shnundo – a Shiny Pokémon with zero IVs – is now setting a new bar for rarity. The term Shnundo is born out of combining Shiny and Nundo (a term used for Pokémon with zero IVs). The peculiar IV distribution renders them impractical for battles but skyrockets their rarity value. This particular Gastly has become the center of attention as its zero IVs in Attack, Defense, and HP make it a Shnundo, a term that’s fast catching up within the Pokémon GO circles​​.

A Reddit Revelation:

The lucky player shared their prized catch on Reddit, drawing a multitude of reactions from the community. Accompanying the post was an image of the Shnundo Gastly, which is both Shiny and has zero IVs in Attack, Defense, and HP. The discussion on Reddit further highlighted the rarity of Shnundos, as weather-boosting, research tasks, and raids in Pokémon GO usually create IV floors where a zero IV is practically impossible, making Shnundos an even rarer find than Shundos​​.

Why Such Rarity?

The primary reason behind the immense rarity of Shnundos lies in the game’s mechanics. Pokémon GO has several boosts in place to prevent zero IV Pokémon from spawning. To encounter a zero IV Shiny Pokémon, it mustn’t be weather-boosted, and it must be caught in the wild or from a Team Rocket encounter. This mechanism naturally filters out zero IV Pokémon, making the discovery of a Shnundo Gastly an extraordinary event​.

The capture of a Shnundo Gastly has stirred a fresh wave of excitement and discussions among Pokémon GO enthusiasts. This event not only highlights the endless possibilities within the game but also enriches the community’s lexicon with a new term, marking a notable moment in Pokémon GO’s vibrant journey.