Researchers found new scary looking Anglerfish 5000 ft below surface

Scientists in the Gulf of Mexico while researching on the effects of oil spills in the sea landed on a new specimen of fish living at 5,000 feet below the surface. This ugly looking fish is an anglerfish, and it belongs to the genus Lasiognathus with a long attachment on top of it for the hunting purposes.

According to the study published in the journal Copeia, the Nova Southeastern University researcher Tracey Sutton and University of Washington researcher Theodore Pietsch discovered this new ugly looking scary fish. The fish didn’t have any eyes, as the animals living in the deep sea don’t require them to see anything. It is all dark, and the little attachment on the top of its head helps catch the food for the survival.


Researchers mentioned that every time they go on a deep sea expedition, they always end up on discovering a new species or an animal. Researchers also added that the deep sea is a very mysterious place and little we know about it right now.

There could be answers to the questions on our evolution, or something mysterious that once discovered can unveil a lot more secrets that humans never thought would exist.

Certainly, these fishes aren’t like the regular one we often see in the books, on The Internet or the Discovery channels. They have evolved in such a way that their bodies are capable of living in the absence of the sunlight. They don’t have any eyes or colorful fins and are dependent on easy to catch preys such as micro-organisms, which too have managed to survive there.

Further studies on this can prove how fishes managed to handle the sea level pressure and live without the essential elements that come from the sunlight. Except those that eat other fishes and animals, our herbivores fishes are often dependent on the green algae for the food – here it is just opposite, no animals, no algae, but the micro-organisms that are entirely different from those which are being eaten by the typical fishes in the sea.

Apart from the newly discovered fishes, the ocean is also home to several rare minerals such as petrol or even gold. However, extracting them would pollute the environment to an unrecoverable extent and will also be so costly that rich would have to think twice before buying it.

There is plenty of gold in it, but extracting it would cost more than the current price of the mineral itself.