Runway’s Gen-3 AI Powers Up Video Generation with Unprecedented Control

Runway's Gen-3 AI Powers Up Video Generation with Unprecedented Control
Runway unveils Gen-3 Alpha, an advanced AI video generator with enhanced features for greater control, faster creation, and improved video quality.

Runway, a frontrunner in generative AI tools for filmmakers and creators, has unveiled Gen-3 Alpha, a significant leap in AI video generation. This new model promises greater control, faster video creation, and improved visual quality compared to its predecessor, Gen-2.

What Sets Gen-3 Alpha Apart?

Trained on a massive dataset of both videos and images, Gen-3 Alpha is a multimodal powerhouse. This dual training approach is expected to significantly improve visual quality when generating videos from text prompts.

The model not only powers existing Runway tools like Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video but also introduces finer control over video elements. Creators will now have access to tools that allow for precise adjustments to structure, style, and even the motion within generated videos.

Enhanced Features for Filmmakers

Gen-3 Alpha brings enhancements to several existing control modes:

  • Motion Brush: Allows users to guide the movement of objects within a scene.
  • Advanced Camera Controls: Provides granular control over camera angles, movements, and focus.
  • Director Mode: Enables users to direct a scene using simple text prompts.

In addition, Gen-3 Alpha offers fine-grained temporal control. This means that elements within a scene can be precisely keyframed, and the model can generate imaginative transitions between them. This is made possible by training the model on captions that are highly descriptive and dense with temporal information.

Improving on Gen-2

Gen-3 Alpha is designed to be a substantial improvement over Gen-2 in several key areas:

  • Fidelity: Videos generated with Gen-3 Alpha should exhibit greater detail and realism.
  • Consistency: The model aims to maintain visual consistency across longer video segments.
  • Motion: Gen-3 Alpha is expected to produce smoother, more natural motion in generated videos.

A Glimpse into the Future

Runway sees Gen-3 Alpha as the first in a series of models that have been trained on a new infrastructure designed specifically for large-scale multimodal training. This suggests that we can expect even more impressive capabilities in future iterations of the model.


While Gen-3 Alpha is currently in its early stages, Runway has released several impressive video samples showcasing the model’s capabilities. The company has stated that it will be releasing Gen-3 Alpha with a new set of safeguards, including an improved in-house visual moderation system and C2PA provenance standards.