Samsung to pay installments on new Galaxy smartphones till 2016, offers Android 5.1.1 update

Samsung this Saturday morning announced a new type of scheme allowing the iPhone users to make an accessible switch on the Samsung’s side. The South Korean smartphone giant announced to pay the monthly installments for a new purchase of Samsung Galaxy S6, Edge, Edge+ and the Note 5. Soon the new year begins, the cellular companies would start charging the owners.

If any user is thinking about making a switch by opting a Samsung smartphone on an installment plan through T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or US Cellular, the company would offer the payments for the remaining months in this year or we can say that for the upcoming quarter, the South Korean giant will be paying the cellular companies on your behalf, however, good thing is that if you are an iPhone user, the company will also give you one $100 Google Play gift card to purchase premium apps of the iOS. More details on the same can be found here.

In some other events, the cellular companies have also started pushing out the Android updates for the Samsung smartphones in the country. The OTA for Android 5.1.1 is now available, and soon the companies are going to introduce the Marshmallow updates by the end of this year.

Samsung and the cellular companies saw a complete dissatisfaction from their customers for not providing the updates any time soon. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these companies need no more than three or four months to introduce the latest update for the customers, but apparently the sick marketing strategy from Samsung forces the users into buying the new smartphone with upgraded software and specifications. Users with supported hardware are still on the older versions of the software that can further expose them to the security vulnerabilities. The Stagefright is among those vulnerabilities that are still affecting users worldwide. A single specially crafted MMS when delivered to a smartphone can leverage the admin permission that can further be used to steal the confidential information or even spy on the users.

If we look closely, then this is one of the most serious issues Android smartphones other than Nexus suffer. Lack of proper updates and negligence from companies have made Apple stay ahead of all. The devices from iPhone 4S and above today are now running the iOS 9, which protects them from all of the evil hackers looking for the vulnerabilities in the smartphone realm.

Samsung and other Android smartphone companies should draft strict policies for offering regular updates to the consumers.