SB 277: California Senate passes the bill to vaccinate the children before kindergarten

A new bill approved by the California Senate has ended waiver for school vaccinations in the state. This measure will be eliminating parents’ right of opting out of the state’s immunization requirements on account of personal beliefs. Children would be excused from vaccinations only if they have medical problems like weakened immune system.

Sen. Benjamin Allen, who coauthored the legislation along with Sen. Richard Pan, said that through this legislation, they are looking to increase the rate of immunization and ensure that no other person develops diseases that can be prevented by vaccines.

If this new bill becomes a law, California will be the 33rd state to eliminate the law that enabled exemption from vaccine requirements on the basis of personal beliefs.


Pan, who is a pediatrician by professional, informed that with every passing day more and more parents are deciding against immunizing their children, which is putting other kids with weak immune systems at high risk of developing different ailments. He added that vaccines are formulated for protecting life, but seeing the current situation it can be said that the importance of that protection is gradually eroding.

The bill was opposed by Robert Huff of Diamond Bar, a Senate Republican leader. He cited the example of a recent event of measles outbreak in Disneyland, which was controlled successfully and eventually ended.

According to Huff, the crises experienced by the state to date don’t seem to be rising to the level that would require people to give up personal freedoms they enjoy as residents of a free nation.

Some other Republicans proposed a few hostile amendments; for instance, they wanted the more detailed analysis of the constituents of vaccines and a religious exemption.

Sen. Joel Anderson said that there are religious people who might not accept vaccines formulated using cells extracted from aborted fetuses. He said that according to him this new bill is trying to establish that people don’t have the right of practicing their faith.

The bill was passed with a vote count of 25 to 10. The majority of the Republicans voted against the bill. The Republicans who supported the measure are: Sens. Jeff Tone, Anthony Cannella and Any Vidak. Once this bill turns into a law, children will need to get vaccinated before they enter kindergarten.


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  • Richard Pan gets funded by the medical industry. That crook has a vested interest in vaccinations being mandated. I hope he rots in hell if there is such a place.

    • no one is forcing you to vaccinate you can home school evrey one should have vested interest in vaccinations they keep the diseases of old from coming back

    • Anon… Do you have any credentials to back your assertions up? My wife is a doctor (military) – she’s not receiving any supplemental income from pharma, but she sure and hell realizes how important the vaccines are after years of studying and family practice (and yes – I have a five month old that will be a pin cushion for more vaccines at her six month appointment next week). My brother-in-law is a doctor as well – he also says individuals like yourself lack the background knowledge it takes to make such ill-advised decisions on behalf of your children (assuming you have children). By the way, two of his three kids have autism. Please get educated – anti-vaccers make life extremely unpleasant for individuals with compromised immune systems.

      • Too bad your brother-in-law caused his kids to have autism by being a slave to the vaccine masters.

    • @anon, name 3 people you know that died from polio….small pox….measles.

      Go ahead, I’ll wait…..

      Now ask your grandparents the same question.

      Dumb people annoy me.

  • good i hope it passes we need to protect our children through science not faith!!

    • Or the myths of Hollywood moms with big Instagram and FB followings.

  • Just swell. Government mandating your children do exactly what the pharmaceutical industry says. Bad bad bad…. just awful.
    Thank God my children are grown. And thank God my grandchildren live in a state that doesn’t MANDATE vaccines.
    You might be sheep but we know better…. my children are PhDs, I am my wife Ms RN. Sorry about what they are doing to your children but you get what you deserve when you aren’t educated.

    • You know better? i think your own post demonstrates what you know.

      Your children are PhD’s? In what, economics? Literature? What is there PhD in that qualifies them to be “experts” on vaccinations?

      Dumb people annoy me.

      • says the person who used “there” instead of their…..? Those stupid people? Yeah; they annoy the crap out of me too.
        So take a number and sit down. Get your vaccine and get your kids vaccinated and pass into obscurity.

  • “Personal beliefs” will not save us from measles, mumps, and rubella – but vaccinations can.
    “Science is real”!
    Vaccination works!

    • Your right who needs to make choices for themselves. Line up and get branded, I mean vaccinated.

        • When we lose the right to chose for ourselves what’s the point in a republic.

          • You don’t have the right to choose which side of road you will drive on.
            Welcome to civilization!
            Get vaccinated and vaccinate your children.

          • Absolutely, and I never state I’m agianst it, in fact I agree we, you, them whoever should do what’s right for the health of our children. But I’m against the fact the we can’t chose anymore.And I can drive all day on the other side of the road in the u.k. if I CHOOSE to.