Scientists going crazy over Dark Matter existence, it has DARK side too

The year 2015 began with a path breaking revelation by Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder, a Stockholm-based theoretical physicist; he suggested that dark matter might be one of the factors causing cancer.

The dark matter, she talked about was not the one present in the genome (i.e. junk DNA); she referred to the hypothetical lightless objects that according to cosmologists perform the job of holding galaxies together.

Although scientists have not yet managed to gather clear evidence confirming the existence of dark matter, it’s hard to deny its presence as we have already witnessed the immense impact of its gravity. When invisible particles of dark matter pass through the human body, they might cause DNA mutation and thus increase the chance of developing cancer marginally.

Many were surprised to see those two apparently different areas oncology and cosmology getting associated with each other based on their relation with the dark matter. However, that was not the only surprise in store for us. Within just a few weeks of Hossenfelder’s discovery, Prof Michael Rampino of the New York University added two other areas to the picture; the newly added areas were paleontology and geology.


According to Rampino, dark matter is one of the main factors responsible for mass extinctions sweeping the planet Earth periodically. He said that dark matter is responsible even for the extinction of the prehistoric animals called dinosaurs.

Rampino made the observations based on speculations by scientists that suggest that our home galaxy Milky Way has been sliced horizontally from the center by a slim disk made up of dark matter.

When the sun moves up and down through the disk as it travels across the Milky Way, gravitational ripples are formed. These ripples are powerful enough for dislodging distant comets and forcing them to leave their respective orbits. This automatically sends those dislodged comets in the direction of the Earth.

In 2014, we saw Lisa Randall, a Harvard physicist, presenting a version of the theory discussed above. The one by Rampino, however, had a twist. He said that during the galactic voyage of our planet, dark matter gathers in its center.

This is followed by the destruction of the dark matter producing sufficient heat for causing vicious volcanic eruptions. According to Rampino, those eruptions are responsible for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

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