Sheikh al-Thani Ferrari and Porsche were filmed racing in Beverly Hills

Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani was allegedly filmed for street racing through the residential area of the Beverly Hills. As per the initial reports, cops were not able to make any arrest as the Sheikh told them that he has diplomatic immunity. Apparently, another reason for not making the arrest was that police didn’t saw the person driving through the streets and the videos made by the locals were unclear about the individual sitting in the driving seat.

As per the reports, authorities were considering charging the Sheikh Al-Thani, however, he flew away from the country soon the video went viral. The person is is a member of Qatar’s Royal family and also a well-known figure in the global racing community.

The video filmed by the locals had two cars, a Ferrari and Porsche, speeding through the residential areas of the Beverly Hills. The cops have now turned towards the public help to produce any pictures or the photographs having details about these two suspects. There are no reports about whether police made any progress from the nearby security cameras in the location.

However, the big question here now is how the individual flew away from the country if they were the prime suspects for this happening. Diplomatic immunity is something the Sheikh Al-Thani have claimed, but Lieutenant Lincoln Hoshino said that it’s unlikely. Also, the cars have left the country.

As per the person who posted these videos online said that rich Qatar people always keep a low profile in the state and residential areas. The two cars Porsche 911 GT3 and Ferrari showed in the YouTube video are those of the Sheikh Al-Thani, who has made visits in the location previously as well.

Another report suggests that this individual has once screeched the tyres and blew a stop sign with his car. A series of incidents are enough for the cops to make the arrest viable, however, Sheikh Al-Thani has managed to fly away from the county, and will probably come back soon the issues is settled.

Thera are no ground evidence that can prove Sheikh Al-Thani guilty for this incidence, and apparently the arrest cannot be done until the cops identify this diplomatically immune individual.

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  • “Apparently, another reason for not making the arrest was that police didn’t saw the person driving through the streets…”
    “Didn’t saw”? Did you finish high school, mr. Author?