Shocking revelations about iPhone 6 Plus making cost

iPhone is considered as the most expensive smartphone in the globe, and the reason behind this hype is nothing but due to its whopping price tag.

Many people in third world countries are even taking loans to buy the iPhone 6 Plus, and that is the craze created by Apple among phone buffs.

But if you understand the real cost of manufacturing an iPhone, you will inevitably fall in a state of shock.

According to experts, the actual cost of making this phone is not even one-third of its selling price.

IHS Technology has conducted this study, and they have clearly analyzed the cost of making iPhone 6 Plus. Their findings are unbelievable, and it will surely make you shed a drop of tear for the lost money.

If reports from IHS Technology are correct, then we can quickly come to the conclusion that Apple Inc is selling iPhone for a high-profit margin of 300%.

Things will be clearer if we give a small example. The basic version of iPhone 6 Plus is priced $762 in the Indian market, but the actual making cost of this smartphone will come under $253.

IHS Technologies claim that the materials which are being used to make this luxury smartphone costs $238, and the amount will reach $255 if we add up $18 in the manufacturing cost section.

The costliest component in iPhone 6 Plus is its 3D screen which is of top-notch quality. The display costs $54 while the camera is worth just $23.

The most tricky move from Apple comes in the memory section. For Apple, just 40 cents is needed to add up 1 GB extra memory in their smartphone.

The cost of memory for the 16 GB version of this phone is $6 while for the 64GB it is $24.

Just for this difference of $18, Apple has priced the 64 GB smartphone, $105 more than the 16 GB device.

This new revelation has surprised iPhone users, and they believe that 300% profit for Apple’s brand value is something which cannot be justified.


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  • R&D has not been included, nor have software costs. Not to mention the other costs. If you can make one for less , please have at it.