Tinder’s New Matchmaker Feature Invites Family Input on Your Love Life

Tinder has recently unrolled a new feature known as “Tinder Matchmaker,” which essentially transforms dating into a collaborative endeavor. This feature allows a user’s family and friends to engage with the app and offer recommendations for potential matches, without requiring them to have a Tinder profile of their own​.

Key Highlights:

  • Engagement without Profiles: Family and friends can view and suggest potential matches without having to create a Tinder profile.
  • Shareable Links: Users can share a unique link with up to 15 individuals for a 24-hour window, allowing their chosen ‘matchmakers’ to provide feedback on possible matches.
  • Recommendations, not Decisions: The matchmakers can ‘like’ profiles to recommend them, but can’t send messages or swipe right – the final decision rests with the original user.
  • Competitor Movements: Similar features exist on Bumble, and Hinge attempted a separate app for this in 2017 but it didn’t sustain.

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Embracing Community Insights in Modern Dating:

The introduction of the “Tinder Matchmaker” feature is seen as a blend of traditional matchmaking norms with modern dating technology. With this new feature, users can initiate a “Tinder Matchmaker session” from a profile card or within the app’s settings, post which they can share a unique link with up to 15 people in their circle, granting them a 24-hour window to review and provide feedback on potential matches​. This feature thus brings a communal aspect to the usually individual-centric online dating scene, reminiscent of traditional matchmaking where families and close friends had a say in one’s romantic pursuits.

Bridging Generational Gaps:

This communal approach not only bridges the gap between traditional and modern dating practices but potentially also the generational differences. Now, with “Tinder Matchmaker,” even grandma can play cupid, making it a fun and engaging way for families and friends to participate in the dating process​​.

A Competitive Edge:

The competitive landscape of dating apps has seen similar features, with Bumble allowing users to recommend profiles to a friend through a private link, and Hinge launching a separate app in 2017, albeit without much success​. Tinder’s venture into communal matchmaking with its new feature is its latest attempt to keep the platform engaging and user-centric

Tinder is embracing communal decision-making in dating with its new “Tinder Matchmaker” feature, allowing close ones to recommend potential matches. This not only brings a nostalgic touch of traditional matchmaking but also a competitive edge in the bustling market of online dating apps.