Google Wallet Unveils Feature for Sharing Boarding and Event Passes

In a recent update, Google Wallet for Android has unveiled a feature that facilitates the sharing of boarding passes and event tickets among users. This update comes after a tease in July and is seen as a significant enhancement, aimed at providing a seamless experience for those traveling or attending events.

Key Highlights:

  • Sharing of airline boarding passes and event tickets now enabled on Google Wallet for Android.
  • New feature provides a link-based pass sharing mechanism.
  • Sharing extends to both Android and iOS users through an interactive web UI.
  • Not all airline boarding passes are shareable, observed in brief testing.

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The recently rolled out feature on Google Wallet for Android enables users to share boarding passes and event tickets effortlessly. Initially teased in July, this feature now allows a user to open a pass, which appears below the carousel of credit and debit cards, and share it if supported. A share icon pops up next to the overflow menu, which, upon tapping, opens the system share sheet generating a unique URL. The recipient can tap this URL on Android, which opens the Google Wallet app for them to save the pass. Additionally, the screen auto-brightens upon opening the link, facilitating easy scanning of the pass​​.

Moreover, this functionality isn’t confined to Android users alone. Those on desktop or iOS platforms can access a shared pass through a web User Interface (UI). Particularly, in the case of a boarding pass, users are able to fully load it, including the QR code, on the web after adding it to their Google Account. This feature proves to be especially useful in households using both Android and iPhone, as one person can distribute passes to other users through this method​​.

This initiative by Google Wallet expands its existing capabilities of storing flight boarding cards, driving licenses, loyalty cards from businesses, event tickets, and even vaccination certificates right on your phone​. The additional sharing feature comes about three months after Google hinted at the ability to share “valuables” within the Google Wallet, further enhancing its utility and user-friendliness​.

Interestingly, alongside this update, there’s a mention of a Wallet private pass, which contains sensitive information requiring verification to add, view, and use them in Google Wallet, providing a secure layer for particular types of passes​​.

The new sharing feature on Google Wallet for Android is a noteworthy addition, enabling users to share boarding passes and event tickets across different platforms, making the process of sharing and accessing these essential passes more convenient and straightforward. The initiative also hints at Google Wallet’s aim to provide a more inclusive and user-friendly platform by continually adding features that enhance its overall utility and ease of use.

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