Top 5 Ways to Deal with a Hectic Lifestyle

In recent times, a hectic lifestyle has become an index of being valued on the professional front. Once considered as an exceptional case, a hectic lifestyle is now the reality of everyday life in metros and big cities. Rushing to the office, finishing off tasks as per the deadline and returning home late is a story of every other person around. But, only few of us are aware of how to deal with the stressors of daily life.

The tested rules of maintaining the right diet and not ditching the sleep schedule may seem hard to abide by. However, it’s not all that difficult.  All you need to do is to steal some time out of your busy schedule and devise a plan that is easy to incorporate in your life. 

Make room for clean & pure air in your home

The room freshener and the hair of your beloved four-legged friend may be a source of harmful air pollutants that are perhaps trapped inside your home. This is maybe preventing you from unwinding after a hectic day at work. Coming back home to the serene environment of your room is a stress-buster in itself, but only when the indoor air is pure. So, why not bring home an air purifier that removes all types of impurities that come in your way of relaxation! Kent air purifier not only dispenses the impurities that plummet the indoor air quality but also removes harmful pollutants like PM 2.5 that maybe silently taking a toll on your well-being.

Follow some quick stress relieving options

When it’s hard to break free from the shackles of a hectic schedule, think of some quick stress relieving options. From short walks in between work to listening to your favourtie music on your phone can alleviate work related stress in a jiffy. Quick breathing exercises can also help deal with stressful moments that even caffeine cannot fix. When you take a deep breath, you let more oxygen flow into your body that further helps in relieving physical stress. So, next time when you find yourself stuck amid endless work, resort to deep breathing to get rid of the stress out of your wrecked nerves.

Cut down on the caffeine intake

If you are relying on several cups of coffee to revive yourself, you are putting yourself at the risk of developing chronic fatigue as your day progresses.  The effect of caffeine does not just there. According to a report in the journal Advances in Psychiatric Treatment, caffeine overload is also likely to stimulate the symptoms of anxiety disorder in some people. Further, caffeine can also impair the nervous system which can interrupt with your normal sleep pattern. So, why not replace caffeine with other natural energy sources like cold pressed juices, coconut water, etc. for a burst of good health.

Take out time to sleep for few more minutes

When the schedule gets hectic, the first thing you compromise with is sleep. Whether you do it knowingly or inadvertently, you are missing out on some precious minutes when your body needs to relax and unwind. Sleep deprivation not only make you less active, but you are also susceptible to commit silly errors at work. The best way to pamper your body and facilitate rejuvenation is by getting an adequate amount of sleep daily. Sleep at a designated time and put away all distractions like a laptop, phones just before bed time. Do not consume caffeinated drinks at least a couple of hours before bedtime, which will assist you to sleep promptly.

Include some exercise in your daily schedule

If you feel lethargic during work hours, your daily schedule needs a revamp. Include exercise routine in your daily schedule. In case your hectic routine doesn’t allow you to work out, then perform on the go exercises like stretching and flexing. Begin your day with 20 minutes of cardio workout and walk for 15 minutes after lunch every day to stay fit even when bogged down with work. You can also join aerobics or dance class in the evening to release the stress of the day. Look out for group workout session in your vicinity for both good time and workout.

One needs to be active beyond the boundaries of work. This way you can deal with the woes of daily life in a much positive manner. It’s time you are careful and that you keep a tight control on your schedule by bidding adieu to unflattering habits and life choices.

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  • Thankyou for sharing such a great article, I had already started getting these things in my daily routine and I must tell you it really helped, Apart from it I also Bought some indoor plants for my room and living room, Plants really have some magical aura, They are also great stress busters and as I did some research about indoor plants before buying I got to know that they also Purify Air, I must say people living in metro cities like me must follow these things for better lifestyle! 🙂