Verizon FiOS Custom TV Bundles: A la carte pricing will be the future of idiot box

This Sunday, we will be getting something really exciting from Verizon. The American broadband and telecommunications company will be launching a new plan for making television viewing experience more fascinating and personalized for its users.

The new plan, which the company is referring to as FiOS Custom TV, will allow users to pick a bundle of channels they actually want to watch. This means, once users opt for this plan, they will no more need to pay for channels they don’t like watching or watch pretty rarely. Another fascinating news is that this plan can be enjoyed both by new and existing FiOS TV users.

When asked about the reason behind the company’s decision of launching this new plan, a spokeswoman of the company said that Verizon has come up with a more personalized TV viewing experience after coming to know about the demands of its existing and potential customers.


It would be wrong to term Custom TV as an absolute a la carte plan; however, it’s surely something very close to that. Verizon is not exactly allowing its users to pick a list of channels they like to watch, but is offering pre-curated packages.

The company has decided to offer packages at different rates starting from a monthly rate of $55. Verizon is currently offering packages in three categories; they are: Triple Play or a package that includes TV, telephone and Internet services for $74.99, Double Play or a package that includes TV and Internet services for $64.99 and Standalone or a package that doesn’t allow Internet usage for $54.99.

In each of the above packages, you will get more than 35 basic channels and a couple of genre-based bundles (such as lifestyle, news, sports and kids). How much exact amount you will have to pay also depends on the Mbps speeds you are enjoying.

As a customer, you will definitely have the option of adding extra channel packs; you can add a total of seven packs, each for $10. In addition, swapping of packs and unsubscribing from a particular batch is also allowed; however, that can be done only after 30 days.

Verizon is hoping to increase its customer base by launching this amazing offer; we’ll have to wait and watch whether the company actually manages to do that.


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  • Most people, including me, will object to the term ‘idiot box’. As soon as you remove and and all TV’s from your residence, try it again.