WhatsApp to Discontinue Support for Older Android Phones and iPhones After October 24

In a recent announcement, WhatsApp, the globally renowned messaging platform, has revealed its plans to cease support for certain Android phones and iPhones after October 24, 2023. This move is expected to impact a significant number of users worldwide. Here’s what you need to know:

Affected Devices

  • Android Phones: WhatsApp will no longer support smartphones running on Android 4.1 or below. This means that after the specified date, the app will only be functional on phones with Android 5.1 and above.
  • iPhones: The messaging platform will continue to support iPhones with iOS 12 and later versions. Any iPhone running a version earlier than iOS 12 will not be able to access WhatsApp post the deadline.

Reason for the Move

While the exact reasons for this decision have not been explicitly stated, tech companies often phase out support for older devices to ensure optimal performance, security, and to introduce new features that might not be compatible with outdated software.

Impact on Users

This decision is bound to affect millions of users globally, especially those who are still using older smartphone models. Users are advised to either upgrade their phones or update their operating systems to continue using WhatsApp without any disruptions.

List of Some Affected Brands

Based on the information available, the list of affected phones includes popular brands such as:

  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Sony

It’s essential for users to check their phone’s operating system version and ensure they are not on the list of unsupported devices.

What Users Can Do

For those affected by this change:

  1. Upgrade Your Phone: Consider upgrading to a newer smartphone model that supports the required Android or iOS version.
  2. Update Your OS: If your phone is compatible, update your operating system to a version that is supported by WhatsApp.
  3. Backup Chats: Ensure you backup your WhatsApp chats to avoid any data loss during the transition.

In Conclusion

  • WhatsApp’s decision to end support for older Android and iPhone models is a reminder of the rapid pace of technological advancements.
  • Users are encouraged to stay updated with their software to enjoy a seamless and secure messaging experience.
  • It’s crucial to act promptly and make the necessary changes before the October 24 deadline to continue enjoying uninterrupted service.

Stay informed and make the switch in time!

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