WhatsApp Voice Calling coming to Windows Phone and iOS after Android

We will soon be able to use WhatsApp voice calling feature on our Windows Phone-based devices. The exact date is yet to be known, but it can be confidently said that the wait will not be an extremely long one.

There’s no denying the fact that right now WhatsApp is the most widely used cross-platform messaging service on this planet; however, it is also hard to deny that it took significant time to launch its voice calling feature.

It’s a known fact that delaying things is a cardinal sin if you are doing business in the current era. WhatsApp also had to pay the price of being late; it lost some of its market share to rivals such as BBM, Viber, Line, and so on. After seeing its rivals moving ahead of it, WhatsApp finally launched the voice calling feature; but, here also it took its time.


It began by launching the feature for Android devices on March 13. Right now; it’s only available on Android and Tizen. However, the wait is close to be over even for other platforms as the company is trying its best to bring the feature on other popular platforms as soon as possible.

Earlier the company confirmed that its voice calling feature will soon be launched for iOS-based devices. Now, it is saying the same for units running on Windows Phone.

There’s still no confirmation available regarding the Facebook-owned company’s plans of launching this new feature for BlackBerry. However considering that BlackBerry enjoys the third position among mobile operating systems globally after iOS and Android, we can expect WhatsApp to make its new feature available for BlackBerry. Here, it must be mentioned that BlackBerry recently swapped its position with Windows Phone to gain the third spot.

For now users are allowed to activate WhatsApp voice calling on their devices only by receiving a call from an individual who already has the feature installed in his/her device.

Keeping this in mind is important as when the company first announced launch of the feature in phases hackers tried to trap people by sharing links with users assuring fake invites. It’s needless to say that the urge of getting access to the feature forced many users to fall prey to this trap. Another malware that asked users to complete a survey in order to get WhatsApp new voice calling feature also had several victims.


The vice calling feature of WhatsApp once made available on all platforms will be the strongest rival of Skype. However, whether it will be able to beat the popularity of Skype is something only time can tell.


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