Why Florida officials afraid of terms GLOBAL WARMING and CLIMATE CHANGE

Florida has been known to push the political boundaries when it comes to accepting only what the state, and its officials want to accept as reality – but the most recent reports that have come from the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting actually suggest that top Florida officials have refused to allow officials of the state to use the words “global warming” or “climate change” in official documentation, communication, or really, any capacity at all. While it might seem like one of the strangest moves that any state could make – it wouldn’t be a total shock if it were entirely true – since Florida has been known to beat to their drum.

That being said, a former Department of Environmental Protection employee from Florida pointed out that “We were told that we were not allowed to discuss anything that was not a true fact.” Interestingly though, Miami is one of the most-impacted cities in the entire country in terms of how severely climate change is impacting the region. While this might seem like pushing a political agenda to some – it might be something that officials in Florida are simply looking to avoid.


Gov. Rick Scott has had a scattered history when it comes to acknowledging climate change though, and this is something that has had a serious impact on the overall message that the government in Florida is sending. While it might not seem politically motivated – when you have a governor who has openly admitted that he doesn’t believe global warming exists – that will create a situation where critics will lean toward that being a politically motivated move.


This though does come at a time when all of the scientific data that is coming in on a daily basis does point toward there being a serious impact on the global climate. The choice at this point just comes down to publicly accepting the fact that the climate is changing and that the human impact is significant – contrary to what some state officials might have you believe in Florida.


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  • Seems to me, oil corporations have no choice in allowing for the term global warming or climate change to exist, for as SOON as that is validated ? They are open to major class action lawsuits by most of the entire species population on the planet for so carelessly endangering future generations for some profit today to keep monarchy alive and well- after all, when you have 10 plus billion dollars? I’d argue you ARE living as a king or queen.

  • Just when you think this Republican gang that can’t shoot straight or govern can’t top their previous dysfunctional ignorance they come up with yet another stupefying statement, belief, idea, or position. Hopefully this crowd will drive over the horizon and fall off the edge of the earth and save humanity from a return to the stone age. I thought Republicans would have to trade their clown car for a clown bus, but now it looks like they are going to need a clown train.

  • I wonder how things would go if this Florida Governor was Governor of California?

    Stanford University just released a study stating California is 98% in drought, and man made co2 is responsible for advancing it, in addition that California will continue in drought for the foreseeable future.